Developing an Event Layout that Works for Both You and Your Attendees

A crucial part to executing a great event is building an event layout that optimizes operational efficiency and the attendee experience. The event layout is the map to your guests’ overall experience and as the producer, we’re responsible for ensuring it’s the best one possible. Here are some key items to consider when outlining your… Read More

Creating an Efficient Entry Process for Your Event

Before putting tickets on sale for an event, we recommend thinking about how each ticket will eventually be fulfilled. Is it a single-day event? Multi-day event? Will purchasers be receiving a barcoded ticket to print and have scanned upon entry or will they receive physical tickets or wristbands in the mail? For either scenario, below… Read More

The Top Reasons to Use a Talent Buyer for Your Next Event

The music industry can be a tough code to crack. That’s why we suggest using a professional talent buyer when booking your next event’s entertainment. You’ll instantly gain the extensive knowledge and relationships within the industry that will help navigate the protocol and process of booking an act.  The artists have agents representing them, and… Read More

5 Ways to Provide Proactive Customer Service

One of the most common mistakes I see organizations make is involving their customer service teams only after something has gone wrong. Yes, part of a customer service representative’s role is to help with issues after they happen, however, giving proactive customer service can often correct any issues before they happen.  Customer services agents can gain… Read More

Our partnership with Everfest, the world’s festival authority

EventSprout, and our parent company Red Frog Events, has a partnership with Everfest. Everfest is the largest community of festivals, and speaks to the fans that love them, as well as the organizers! What does this mean for EventSprout clients? When you do online ticketing for your event through EventSprout, Everfest will offer you advertising… Read More

Meet Our Team: Robert Croisant

What’s your title and when did you start working at EventSprout / Red Frog Events? I’m a web developer and started working at Red Frog Events in December 2015.   What’s your favorite part about working at EventSprout / Red Frog Events? Hands down it has to be the people. It’s great to be surrounded… Read More

Four Strategies to Maximize Your Event Database

Over the course of time, we’ve shared stories from our own unique, hands-on experiences as event organizers–stories of how we’ve been able to deliver exceptional customer service, increase online ticket sales, expand our social media following, and execute top-notch events. But what happens after the event is over? Well, if you’re like us, then you… Read More

Three Ways To Provide Top-Notch Customer Service

Throughout our nine years in business, we’ve learned a lot about the behaviors, likes, and dislikes of our event attendees. We’ve done some things really well, but as we’re only human, we’ve also made mistakes. We’ve hosted 250+ events and have learned A LOT. Specifically, how to deliver the level of customer experience we expect… Read More

Meet Our Lead Developer, Tom Kita!

When did you start working at EventSprout / Red Frog Events? I started working for Red Frog Events in May 2013.   What’s your favorite part about working at EventSprout / Red Frog Events? My favorite part about working on EventSprout is the unique challenges and having the autonomy to solve those challenges in interesting… Read More

How Chicago Beer Classic Increased Ticket Sales with EventSprout

Chicago Beer Classic (formerly known as American Beer Classic) has been using EventSprout for its online ticketing since 2013. Over the years, the marketing team at Chicago Beer Classic has reaped many benefits from utilizing the features of the EventSprout ticketing system, resulting in the festival becoming the largest beer festival in Chicago. Below are… Read More